For anyone that knows me, I’m a HUGE fan of Hamilton the musical. The story is so powerful and inspires me. One of the biggest AHA’s I have is around the end is never written, until you stop. He’s a young boy, abandoned by his father. A hurricane comes, and devastates his entire home. Then his mother passes. And as a teenager he’s at rock bottom completely alone. More heartache than most in a lifetime.

He will go on to help Washington win the revolutionary war. Serve as an architect and defend the constitution. He will also invent a financial system that will create the greatest economy the world has ever seen. And, help countless kids like him have more opportunity and resources through it’s greatness. One human changed the world forever. And it started with a hurricane.

Had there been no hurricane, do we have America? What hurricane are you in now, that’s devastating – but just clearing a path for greatness?

Write your story.

Josh Team