When I was 15, my parents had just gotten divorced. I was living with my Mom and we just didn’t have much money. I needed (really wanted) things for school, and my Mom told me that if I want those things now; I’m going to have to get a job and earn some money.

So the next Saturday she drove me to Spring Creek BBQ down the street from our new apartment, and was just over a mile from my school. I walked in and applied with the manager to be a busboy (clean tables), and he told me he’d call me.

The next day came around, and he didn’t call! I asked my Mom what I should do. She told me “Tomorrow, after school (3:15) walk to Spring Creek BBQ and go ask him, not me. I’ll pick you up at 4:30p when I get off work.”

The next day I walked there after school and spoke to the manager. When my Mom picked me up she asked, “Well?” and I told her that they hadn’t hired me. I was pretty upset. Felt rejected. Kind of helpless. I needed a job to buy things, but it needed to be close to home and school & this was the only place. I felt defeated.

Her response was simple… “Yet. They haven’t hired you, YET.” She told me to continue going there each day after class until I earn the job. So I did. After school each day, I walked to Spring Creek BBQ, I asked to talk to the manager and I asked a simple question, “What can I do today to earn the right to work here?”

Finally after several days, he told me:”

You really want this job, huh? The work is hard. The pay is crap (minimum wage). And you have to pay $25 to start (had to buy my uniform). Do you still want the job?” – Getting that job was one of the highlights of my life. Each walk after school turned it from a Job to a mission. I went out and earned through hard work and determination something that was denied to me at first. And that would forever change how I saw rejection, set backs, and obstacles.

I haven’t won, yet.I haven’t finished, yet.They can’t see me, yet.

If you’re having a hard time right now and you are feeling like you haven’t conquered your goals, business/personal/spiritual. Keep writing those pages of your story. You just haven’t, yet.

My Mom taught me that, and I’ll forever be grateful for that lesson.

Josh Team