When I was younger, I was believed to have a learning disability with limited potential / capacity. I did all types of test & took different meds to try and “cure” me of this disability. I was absolutely an outcast. By the kids & the teachers.

When I went to the 5th grade I had a teacher who saw it differently. She pulled my desk to the front of the room and actually made it touch her desk. And instead of giving me daily medication, she gave me daily riddles and 6th and 7th grade assignments to keep me busy all day. She didn’t see the problems with me, she looked at me from a different perspective. And she approached me differently than everyone before, and got a different result. She was kind, hopeful, and challenged me instead of discounting me. That year I went from being “disabled” to being “advanced”.

One human, made one choice about a random 10 year old that would be a transformational moment in my life, which would build confidence in me, change the perception the world had on me, and I believe forever change the trajectory of my life. And allow me to pour into so many more.

Our smallest acts, have the largest of impacts. Most of which we will never see. But Mrs. Calcote’s legacy lives in me and through me. May you build your legacy today, by planting one seed of kindness and hope in someone in your life. You never know, you might just change the world – through them.