A wise man was asked what is anger? He gave a beautiful answer. It is a punishment we give ourselves for somebody else’s mistake. Free yourself, by loving them. A lesson I learned first hand with my Father. My father and I had a disagreement which lead to me leaving home & I no longer had a college tuition. So I found myself a teenager with no home, no college, and feeling alone. I was hurt. Mad. Angry. My father and I became estranged.

And then 4 years ago, I heard he had hit rough times. I decided ultimately I wasn’t going to let my dad’s previous choices dictate my actions. So I vowed to help him, however he needed, however much he needed, for however long. Fast forward 4 years, and today my 4 year old son’s best friend is my father. And in that moment, I realized my forgiveness didn’t just free me. But helped write the story of who I want to be. And most importantly gave my son the best gift of his life to date.

Had I not forgiven, I would be neglecting my son and I wouldn’t even know it. Who are you hurting, that you may not even know because of your anger? Free yourself, by loving them.