The turn of a decade, and today is all about resolutions. Health, family, wealth, god, business, and all types of other categories. Whatever your resolutions are, may you pursue them with the passion of a child and the resolve of a warrior. My personal journey has taught me that resolve is the key ingredient. Starting for me at 16, when I found myself feeling very alone and living with a family who was kind enough to let me sleep on their couch.

Shout to the world your ambitions. Share with everyone your visions. Most people will suffocate you with their doubt, masquerading as “their $.02”. They’ll try to tell you what you can be. What your limits are. I use to fear this. Then I resented it. Now I embrace it. Among the noise your closest friends will reveal themselves. Hold them tight. Pour into them as they pour into you. And have the resolve to fulfill your dreams in the face of doubt. Have the resolve to see beyond the fear. Have the resolve to live the life you want. May 2020 be the year you want it to be. May you have the resolve to see it through. May you see the people who challenge and doubt you, as the very catalyst you need to be who they never thought you could be. May you have the passion of a child, and the resolve of a warrior.

Let’s do this.