I watched the social dilemma, and I highly recommend it. Here was my biggest Aha: we all know fb’s algorithm works on keeping us engaged in the platform; so what that means is:** Your Facebook feed is just the reflection of what you’re focusing on!

If we all didn’t like, watch, read, or comment on the division, the hate, the things that separate us. But instead, we liked, watched, read, and commented on the things that INSPIRED us; then we’d slowly but surely turn Facebook into a platform of inspiration. Because it would learn that’s the type of content we like!

And if not, at least your own feed would inspire you!

What we focus on expands, Facebook is no different. I’m personally going to try and be a part of the solution by focusing on the positive. And I will post one positive thing each day that hopefully brings a little joy to the world.

Find someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, and remind them why you love them. And maybe share a memory that’s important to you, or made you laugh, or makes you smile now.

The world is ours. Let’s make it beautiful.

– Josh