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The following is a summary of the interview Josh Team did with REAL trends in 2020 about real estate, Keller Williams.

Josh Team; President of Keller Williams

Guest: Josh Team; President of Keller Williams, Realty, Texas. Josh has a marketing and technology background. Before joining Keller Williams, he was chief innovation officer for a marketing services company and vice president of technology for social media solution provider.

In 2019, he took the reins as president for Keller Williams when the company started using proprietary technology to achieve operational excellence and provide top services to its agents and consumers.

In this episode, Josh Team shares his views on the new holding company, the digital-first experience that the agent’s driving, the importance of relationships, and how technology can help you build those relationships.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Josh Team states that the adaptive organizations which can pivot quickly can handle even uncertain situations like COVID-19 and visionary leadership always set up goals to scale faster.
  • The digital-first experience using a peer-to-peer approach is the key to achieve excellence while working in the virtual market. The collaborative approach is the need of the industry.

Key Podcast Moments:

[1:20] Gary Keller has taken back the CEO’s seat; how this arrangement is impacting the company?

[1:30] Josh Team states that Keller is a visionary. He has set up goals to scale faster and effectively deliver growing consumer needs. Keller has leadership capabilities and a lot of experience, helping the company achieve its goals faster than before.

[2:58] When Keller took back the reins as CEO, does this change John’s focus?

[3:05] Josh Team remained on the same page. The company’s collective goals changed, but they devised plans and worked as one.

[6:28] What is Josh’s advice to anxious agents because of civil unrest and the COVID-19 situation?

[6:34] The digital-first experience is the key to achieve goals in these uncertain circumstances. Being a good human is the best business practice in this pandemic. The agents can communicate with their clients through social media or Google platforms which the company has collaborated with. The company has started virtual training sessions for its agents.

[10:42] What leadership lessons have the company learned while working in the virtual market?

[10:55] According to Josh, any organization’s foremost duty is to care for its people. Virtual space has brought consumers and agents closer, building up a level of trust. Agents are using home orders and becoming more productive.

[16:43] How digital-first experience help the agents achieve the best in the future?

[17:00] Josh says that the company has adopted an intelligent approach, i.e. peer to peer, to enhance agents’ collaboration. Agents are worldwide have devised their plans even in different languages. The company makes them share their best practices to get new exciting results.

[21:00] What is Keller Williams’s most significant challenge today in business, and how are they coping up with that?

[21:07] Josh explains that forecasting is their biggest challenge right now because of uncertainties. Several decisions are based on forecasts for large organizations. To handle this challenge, Gary Keller pushes the company towards a digital-first experience that involves collaboration with Google and Facebook. Josh states that we are trying to forecast every different scenario.

[24:20] What does Josh think of brokers’ opportunities in the coming year?

[24:35] Josh is of the view that you have to make sure that you have an adaptive organization that can pivot quickly. Take new ideas and get them operational. And at the top of all, good leadership is what keeps on moving.