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6 Years

Josh Team was with Keller Williams for six years.

Started With Roadmap

Josh laid out a 5 year plan on day 1, to revolutionize KW into a tech first company.

Achieved Results

Josh helped KW go from #2 to #1 in the market with his tech strategy.

From Innovation to President

Josh Team ultimately became President of the Keller Williams for over 2+ years, while he started only focused on Innovation.
Josh Team

Award Winning Technology

Under Team’s leadership, Keller Williams received the highest ratings from organizations like Inman which rate and review industry Tech. In addition, companies like FastCo recognized the work Keller Williams & Team were doing as the most innovative work in the industry.

Josh Team’s Five Year Journey At Keller Williams

In order to achieve the 5 year vision, Josh Team pioneered what is now known as "KellerCloud" which is a platform based on thousands of microservices. Those microservices spanned the scope of all things real estate.

Once the base platform, KellerCloud, was established – Josh Team laid out a three year roadmap to connect Brokerages, Agents, and then Consumers to KellerCloud.

At the of the of the journey, Keller Williams offered an Agent CRM, Agent IDX Sites, a Consumer App for showing properties & listings, all connected to transaction management/compliance at the brokerage level.

As of the end of 2020 here were some of the major stats under Team’s leadership:

  1. 92% of all agents (151k out of 164k) actively using Command (up 5.5%)
  2. 63.6M contacts inside of Command (Agent CRM)
  3. 2.36M leads generated for Agents (up 35%), at an average price of $1.84/lead
  4. 2.57M unique design assets (flyers, listing presentations, etc.) created by Agents
  5. 28.4M unique SmartPlans (marketing automation) have been created and deployed for Consumers


Under Josh Team’s leadership, Keller Williams re-invented itself as a technology company that ultimately serves it's Agents and their Consumers.

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Beyond Technology

Under Josh Team’s leadership, Keller Williams trail blazed from not having a presence in the technology landscape of real estate to being seen as one of the pioneers in the space.

This ultimately lead to Josh Team earning the top spot in the company, as the sole executive & President.

Under Team's leadership he helped the company go from #2 in market share, to #1 with a growing gap. As of the end of 2020 here were some of the major status under Team’s leadership:

  1. 176,467 Agents worldwide (#1 in the world by 2x)
  2. 1,070 Offices in over 30 countries
  3. In 2020, Agents closed 1.2M transactions (up 8%)
  4. Agents closed $407.4B in sales volume (up 16%)
  5. Agents wrote 1.35M contracts (up 8.2%)
  6. KW named #1 brand in real estate for customer service by Newsweek