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On the “Think Like A CEO” Podcast, Season 1, episode 6 – Gary Keller talks about Josh Team as President of Keller Williams (KW). Here are some of the highlights.

President Josh Team

Our Guest:Gary Keller, CEO, and Chairman of Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate franchise.

In this episode, Gary Keller highlights some lessons about business, life, and leadership and how change could affect these even when you are at the highest point of success in your field. Our host, Jay Papason, also discusses how changing real estate landscape led Keller to where he is today and what let Gerry take back the title of CEO., which is a title instead of a role, according to Keller.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Keller states that some changes are hard yet inevitable even though you are already successful because this is not just about financial gains. It is more about keeping your business match the changing paradigms.
  • Keller presents the idea that thinking like a CEO does not necessarily require you to be in that role; it just takes vision, courage, leadership, decision-making capabilities, and your passion for achieving the highest level of success possible.
  • Keller states that CEO is just a title that makes you in charge, whether it’s your life, job, or business. It gives you the power to decide what’s best for the future.

Key Podcast Moments:

[0:58] How Keller ended up back in the CEO seat when he backed off to divide the role and have different ownership?

[1:40] Keller realized that the world is going through a paradigm shift from being physical to digital and devising that technology path. He has to become the ultimate decision-maker, i.e. CEO.

[2:20] Has Keller got back the CEO’s seat just for a change instead of being at number one?

[2:45] When Keller was chairman instead of CEO, he started working with the Josh Team, who was in the technology department to figure out the path of technology.

[4:20] In this process, Keller realized that there should not be a filter between technology and leadership. It’s not merely about bringing change. Rather, Keller intends to have the power in the CEO’s filter to make the head of technology the leader to have the power to make decisions.

 [4:40] Keller refers to the book “The Innovators Dilemma” to prove that you need to expand inside your organization to analyze the results of new business alignment and see who wins.

[8:10] Keller is of the view that a great leader could help others in the organization to get a sense of vision, to make them analyze the roles they could play in the changing environment, and to guide them towards a path where they all could have opportunities to redefine business.

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